Write Climate: Earth Day's Artists for the Earth in Central Virginia

Earth Day Network released their list of Artists for the Earth 2019 in Central Virginia, naming Write Climate, particularly Deborah Lawrence, as one of their honorees. On their website, Earth Day Network states they are using their platform of Earth Day to offer a unique opportunity for artists and art institutions to collaborate behind the goal of the Earth Day 2019 campaign to Protect our Species. They list some local artists in Central Virginia who have “harnessed the power of art to raise awareness and mobilize environmental activism.”

Honoring Write Climate, Earth Day Network writes:

“Deborah Lawrence:

A professor of Environmental Science at the University of Virginia, Lawrence began a project called ‘Writeclimate’ to spark civic engagement surrounding climate change issues using art as a medium. Students were asked to write their feelings about specific climate issues on pieces of colored paper and turn them into collages. Lawrence’s theory is that committing words to paper promotes a sense of commitment to them.”

We thank Earth Day Network for spreading our message and elevating our platform!

Read more :https://www.earthday.org/artists-for-the-earth-in-virginia/

Green Grounds Article: Sarah Lang

This semester, I enrolled in a new one credit environmental class centered on climate change activism called “Words on Paper.” I knew absolutely nothing about what I signed up for, other than the fact that I was interested in doing something about climate change. Since I enrolled, the class has evolved into much more than a one credit class. I did not expect to have a hand in planning a movement on grounds called #writeclimate that aims to get the community at UVA involved in supporting climate change mitigation through art and awareness.

Led by Professor Deborah Lawrence, #writeclimate is still evolving. We started tabling this week, getting members of the UVA community to affirm their support for the fight against climate change. Professor Lawrence was inspired by the work of Morgan O’Hara, who demonstrated the power of words through her reaffirmation of the Constitution, writing out the entire document by hand. Using this idea, we encourage UVA students to take whatever time they have, even if it’s only a minute, to write or draw something that inspires them to fight against climate change, or to talk to us to learn more about what they can do. We want to create unity and community in order to address the issue of climate change, and get hundreds, and eventually thousands, to join us as we #writeclimate for the right climate. Please follow us on our various social media accounts. More will be posted on the accounts in the near future, we just need your support to get up and running! And keep an eye out for us as you walk around grounds so you can stop by and join us!

Instagram: @writeclimate

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Website: http://www.writeclimate.wordpress.com

Sarah Lang is a 1st year student and a prospective environmental major who is interested in climate change and clean energy. In addition to Green Grounds, Sarah is also involved in Madison House and Club Running. She also loves hiking and the beach and wants to do what she can for the planet so that future generations can appreciate those things too.